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How can your children grow up to be happy, good, responsible, self-sufficient, and entrepreneurial, without attending an expensive college or private school? The book «Timeless Principles for Raising Successful Children» is a practical guide not only for raising and educating children, but also for the re-education of their parents.

The author, Yavor Rusinov, presents a series of principles that he believes constitute the “training” necessary to become a winner in life. Although aimed at the raising and education of children in this book, these principles can apply to anyone, at any stage of life.

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    Dimensions: 14 х 21 cm
    Net weight: 300 g
    Publisher: 2020
    Language: English



    232 pages

    12.99 usd


    189 pages

    9.99 usd

About the author: Yavor Rusinov

At age 22, Yavor found himself far from home in a large city, looking to build a future for himself, just like many of his acquaintances and peers who also grew up in the small towns of the rural part of the country. An orphan, with only about ten leva (Bulgarian currency, about 6 USD) in his pocket, with just a few items of clothing in his bag. With no connections. No friends. No home of his own. No experience. And with no way back. With nothing. Almost nothing.

All he had were the principles that are described in this book. By their guidance, he who had never before left his small rural town, was only a few years later delivering lectures to hundreds of listeners in audiences in the United States, Hungary, and Russia. Leading talks in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, and Yekaterinburg in Russia. Negotiating deals worth hundreds of thousands of euros in Ireland, the United Kingdom, Norway, Estonia, and Latvia. Traveling around the globe between the Pacific Coast of the USA, and the Siberian mountains in Russia.

When his first son was born, Yavor had no similar book available to guide him. He needed to know how to raise his child, to understand the cause-and-effect relationships that built the world's most successful people. Thus he began a great search for information. He read hundreds of books and articles. He spent thousands of dollars. The more he read, the more he realized that he himself had lived according to the principles he was reading about, without even once realizing them. He just took them for granted, until the moment that he asked himself: What must I do with my children? Twelve years later: the result of his research is in his hands.

With the help of these principles, he and his wife taught their children by themselves to read at an early age, and by age 5 their children were already reading the series “Narnia” by C.S. Lewis. By themselves, they taught their children the English language. At 9 years old, Yavor Jr. applied to an online school in the United States, and was accepted after an intensive 30-minute live English exam. He finished his first year at the school with a final grade of 99.8%. Yavor Jr. is the only European student, among his American classmates.

"You might think my children boring, because they spend the whole day with their noses buried in books and textbooks. Not in the least,” shares Yavor. “They have been in the company of multiple strangers and managed to hold meaningful conversations about topics that are well above their age level, such as politics. They play guitar and piano. They swim. They ride horses. They perform in concerts, and participate in competitions."

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