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  • 232 Pages of 100% Tried and True Advice

    How can you discover step-by-step the journey of preparing your children to face the unknowable future?

Timeless Principles for Raising Successful Children

Find out how your children can become
Happy, Good, Responsible, Self-Sufficient, and Ambitious,
all without the need for an expensive education or private tutors!

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  • Dear Current and Future Parents!

    If your child is ...

    spending too much time exposed to screen media

    feeling overly pressured by “socialization” at school

    talking back at you

    shy and lacking confidence and self-esteem

    afraid of failure

    overloaded with too much unnecessary information

    negatively influenced by peers and friends

    giving up too easily and lacking perseverance

    or difficult for you to motivate

    If you are ...

    afraid to say “No” to your child

    worried that your child is at risk of substance abuse

    or worried that you won't be able to finance an expensive higher education for your child

    . . . then this book is for you!

    Timeless Principles for Raising Successful Children presents principles and skills that have:

    Made many children and adults successful!

    Made them into good and ethical individuals!

    Helped them develop strong critical thinking!

    Taught them how to overcome difficulties and problems!

    Transformed them into self-sufficient individuals with strong families!

    Helped them find their calling and purpose in life!

    Made them free!

    Brought them true happiness!

    Now you can pass on these principles to your children… while they are still living in your household.

    Dear Current and Future Parents

    Can I share a secret with you?

    This is a secret that is known to almost all parents of successful businessmen, entrepreneurs, lawyers, bankers, Nobel laureates – Success is no accident.

    Success can be learned!

    You need to draw up a detailed map for your children to follow in life to be successful. All you need to give them is a compass showing them the right direction to take. This compass comprises the timeless principles and skills on the foundation of which your child will always be able to make the right decisions.

    You have probably asked yourself often: Do I have the necessary abilities to raise my children in this way, to be successful?

    Consider the following:

    No start-up capital is required!

    You don't need to have a specialized education!

    You can teach these principles anywhere, in the home and out!

    You can apply and practice them in every situation!

    No specialized textbooks are needed!

    No special curriculum is required!

    These principles are timeless! Unlike the knowledge taught in schools, which is short-term.

    These principles are practical!

    And, they work!

    In «Timeless Principles for Raising Successful Children», you will find step-by-step guidance for how to prepare your children for the unknowable future.

    In the book, you will read about:

    Why security is a utopia, and living in search of it will lead to losing your freedom page 22

    How we can teach our children the most important skill they will need in life page 31

    The one small word that can set the foundation for success from an early age page 33

    An extraordinary skill that Jewish families teach their children from an early age that allows them to surpass all others in life, and how we can teach that same skill to our children! page 35

    What skill gave David the ability to defeat Goliath? You can teach it to your children as well! page 39

    One very simple rule for solving many of life’s problems page 42

    The ability that Jewish families pass on to their children that later allows them to become bankers, Nobel laureates, and entrepreneurs page 45

    What is it that Jewish mothers teach their children, but Chinese mothers do not? page 47-48

    How to teach your children how to argue and ask the right questions page 48-49

    Why asking questions is more important than giving answers page 49

    If you teach your children this very simple skill from an early age, they will never go hungry! page 49

    What is the main reason that many people remain low-wage laborers for life? Do not do this with your children! page 51

    The skill that allows your children to think, analyze, and strategize – and how you can teach it to them page 53

    Why what is learned in school is worthless without this one critical ability page 54

    What is the purpose of the school that your child attends? Be careful! This answer will literally change your life! page 54

    One small detail by which you can decide which books are good for your children to read page 56

    The most important condition for success, and how we can pass it on to our children page 58

    The two characteristics that doomed thousands of people to death camps in 1944, but at the same time saved thousands of prisoners, and how these apply to your children page 62

    The most important thing that you should give to your children! page 64

    How your children can discover their own individual calling and purpose in life page 65

    What ability leads to becoming a good leader? Yes, you can pass it on to your children! Practical guidance included! page 70

    Why does happiness lead to suffering? How can you avoid this with your children? Practical guidance included! page 71

    If you overlook this important factor from early on in your child's life, they will never be able to get married, raise a family, take risks, and become rich! page 72

    What can truly make your child happy? This is not a psychological trick! This is real, and it works! page 72

    If you omit this, your child will struggle for life! page 75

    One of the best methods for solving any problem you face! page 81

    What determines how your children will learn to solve problems in life – it will not be their academic knowledge! page 82

    If you can pass this skill to your child, you will raise the next Elon Musk! page 83

    If you ignore these 3 simple rules, your children will never become entrepreneurs! page 87

    How the most important lessons in life are learned page 93

    What factor determines how wealthy your child will become page 97

    The ancient Jewish formula for gaining wealth, which John D. Rockefeller followed his entire life! page 98

    The unbelievable story about how the richest family in the world gained all their wealth! The most valuable lesson that your children can learn! page 99

    The principle you can teach your children by which they will never be left penniless in life! page 104

    Two skills you can teach your children by which they will never go hungry! page 109

    Shocking facts about the development and spread of magic in Bulgaria and across the world! page 120

    The cure for conformism page 128

    What are the two factors on the basis of which your child acts and takes decisions daily? page 128

    What “critical thinking” means and how we can teach it to our children page 128

    The hidden subject that schools teach your children without your knowledge or permission page 129

    The two qualities necessary to open the doors to success and wealth for your children page 131

    If you ignore this factor while your children are still at home, you condemn them to a life as a struggling loser! page 133

    The best way to teach your children to think! page 135

    How to teach your children the 11th commandment of God page 138

    Give this to your child, and with it you will give them success and wealth! page 141

    How your children's lives would look under various political systems page 142

    Is there really such a thing as a “free lunch”, and can your child take advantage of it? page 150

    The paradox of wealth! Why does a lot of money lead to poverty? page 152

    What is the relationship between money and wealth? page 152

    Why the defeated Germany became an economic leader in the post-World War II era, and why the victorious England could never catch up. Politicians do not want you to know this answer! page 153

    The secret about the economy known to German Jews during World War I, the lack of understanding of which led many Germans to extreme poverty page 154

    One term you can explain to your children that will allow them to become more competent in legal matters than most politicians in the parliament! page 158

    What politicians have in mind for your children's future page 161

    The three most important priorities that the government has for your children! page 162

    If you make the mistake of teaching this to your children (and most parents do this!), they will become idiots! page 163

    How the first nation was created page 165

    What politicians and bureaucrats hate from the bottom of their hearts, and do everything in their power to harm your children's lives – Do not allow this! page 169

    The link between how many people in Bulgaria and the world made their money, and Al-Qaeda page 171

    The most important reason that people fail in life! page 173

    The secret recipe known to successful businessmen, and how can you pass it on to your children from early on page 175

    There are many smart and talented children, but there is one skill you can give your child that will make him or her stand out above all of them! page 181

    Why 14 is an extremely critical age for your child, and how if you do not intervene at that time, your child's life will end in failure page 182

    What leads to depression and low self-esteem in children page 183

    How you can develop true confidence in your children page 184

    How many parents teach helplessness to their children and doom them to dependency and addiction page 188

    If you take away this one thing from your children's lives, they will forever be unhappy! page 188

    How parents tend to insult and hurt their children while thinking that they are helping them. Do not make this mistake! The consequences are dire! page 193

    What best prepares children for adulthood? page 194

    What can prepare children for the world of finance and business better than any university, college, or book?   page 197

    The secret that can transform a child from a janitor to a company president page 197

    One element that if you omit, will leave your child unable to ever own their own business! page 198

    The skill that can enable your child to begin his own journey towards entrepreneurship, owning their own business, wealth, and success page 200

    The 20 Tips for Success from the founder of one of the largest world-wide hotel chains, currently with 1,173 active hotels! page 203

    One element that, if you omit, will leave your child passive and dependent on low wage salary for life! page 207

    Are you certain that you understand your children’s path to success? The answer might shock you! page 209

    A factor that is more important than your children's talents or abilities page 210

    How Jewish mothers raise their children to be successful page 211

    How successful people handle failure page 213

    Does your child fail? If so, you have reason to celebrate! page 213

    What telephones and tablets change in your child page 220

    The type of conditions that allow undisciplined children to grow into mature adults page 225

    Five children's stories that can help you raise mature and responsible children page 231

    How can we encourage our children to look at the future with optimism? page 232

    What is hope, and how do we teach our children to hope? page 234

    The reason for the extraordinary success of the West. The answer might shock you! page 238

    In which cases is rebellion obedience towards God? page 242

    When does your child's upbringing begin? The answer might surprise you! page 244


This book is a trap! I must warn you before you even open its covers. I begin with this statement not only because it is true, but also because it is a common reader's habit (until recently, a habit of mine as well) to skip over the introduction and dive straight into the meat of the text. In the language of economics, I am facing competition, and so I must resort to using that literary device so favored by George Orwell – a shocking opening line – in order to divert your attention for a few seconds to consider my thoughts of wisdom.

This is a trap for the parents who are expecting to read useful, but generally unassuming, basic parenting know-how. Actually, in Yavor Roussinoff's work you will read so much more – a narrative of the foundational biblical principles for life, unwavering to that of Jordan Peterson, a holistic socio-political worldview rooted in the finest traditions of classical liberalism and American conservatism, expertly woven with real-life anecdotes, academic studies, and observations on our cultural reality.

“Timeless Principles for Raising Successful Children” is a trap because it will force you to ask yourself serious questions about your own views and your own actions. It will put you in the situation of Neo from the film The Matrix, forced to choose between blissful ignorance (the blue pill) and an unpleasant truth (the red pill). Yavor will challenge you on themes such as courage and personal responsibility, risk and work ethic, the role of the government and taxation. This volume pierces even the intellectual bubbles of bureaucratic socialism, modern feminism, and consumerism and the myth of the free lunch.

Be careful, dear readers, because I don't know how you will be able to calmly tolerate allowing you children to spend even one single day in the government education system after you have closed the final pages of this book. There is knowledge that, once received, cannot be ignored by those who have a sound mind and strong spirit. This kind of knowledge awaits you in the following pages.

I want to finish with a confession. When I read the first draft of this book, I agreed to write this introduction because Yavor's work will fulfill a very useful task for me, personally. When someone comes to me, sighing forlornly and asking “Well, how can we fix our world?”, I can now answer very simply – by handing them this book with these words: “This right here is a very good start.”


Dear readers, you hold in your hands several books in one. Each of them asks questions to your children, and to the child in you: How do we build character? Why is having character good? What is the meaning of goodness, and why is it a strength? Does good character have value even today, when evil dominates?

Yavor Roussinoff's book is a discussion on how we as parents can raise our children to be strong, determined, and able to make money and win in the battle of life. On how we succeeded through difficult times. And all this – on the basis of the wisdom of kindness.

The following question is on my mind: is there anyone left in Bulgaria who is wise enough to hold a discussion with the author about raising children in dark and difficult times? There must be, since Yavor Roussinoff lives here and was inspired to write this book – a book that challenges parents to strengthen their children's will to success and their faith in goodness, on the basis of the eternal Law of God.

Times are tough. But the principles that lead to success are eternal, and the understanding of those principles passes strength on from generation to generation. And every generation needs a reminder of wisdom.


Excellent book! If every parent reads it and begins to apply even half of what is written in it, our society would be transformed entirely.


All parents want their children to become successful, but few understand that they cannot create their children's success. What they can – and should – do, is to build strength of character in their young people, to equip their children with the appropriate life principles that are the tools to success, principles which are outlined in this book, and which the child will then use to offer the world the best possible fruits of his or her life.


The book “Timeless Principles for Raising Successful Children” is an exceptionally practical guide for developing an upright character and real-world skills in our children, which can become the basis of their success in life and pursuit of freedom. Above all, the book is a challenge to our worldview as adults, because if we want to teach anything to our children, we as parents are responsible to consistently educate ourselves, build up our own skills, and understand ever deeper how the world around us works. The book touches on the ethics behind every area of life, including economics, politics, business, education, and family. It answers specific questions such as: How do we learn critical thinking? Why should we stop being afraid of failure and avoiding problems? How do we build healthy self-esteem? How can our children discover their own individual calling in life and look to the future with optimism?


The time that you set aside to read this book will be a valuable, loss-free investment – and the application of its teaching is profit.


This is not your usual parenting book. This book is also about re-educating ourselves as parents. This is a book whose exceptional ideas will change the culture we live in. This is a book for those who want to become the driving force of life, the leaders, the winners…


What do I need to do to become a winner in life? What distinguishes winners from the losers and the mediocre? How can I be in the lead? How do I raise my children to be winners, and keep them from making the mistakes I did?

Undoubtedly, these are questions we have all asked ourselves at one time or another. The author tackles each of them and proposes an answer, to these and many other questions, in his upcoming book. He presents a series of principles that he believes constitute the “training” necessary for a winner in life. Although aimed at the raising and education of children in this book, the principles presented can be applied to anyone at any stage of life, as long as they are thus acknowledged.

The author's systematic approach is noteworthy – he develops the principles in a logical and well-structured sequence, supporting each with neat and engaging examples. The principles he presents will most likely not sit well with every reader; some may deny every single one, others may recognize a few, and yet others may welcome them entirely. In any case, the book gives much food for thought and encourages all its readers to take a stand, because indifference is not befitting a being a parent. Quite the contrary, as a parent it is very important to be highly aware of your actions and their consequences, because the future of your children lies in your hands. This sums the author's assertion – if you want to raise successful children, inaction and indifference are unacceptable. In the book, you can find the steps that he considers to lead to that goal. Engage him in a discussion, and you can confirm his conviction for yourself.


These days, I happened to read a book by a Bulgarian author that was above world-class quality. I happened to see some crocheted and woven works, also Bulgarian-made, also above the world-class. I saw some paintings, and a movie, all brilliant, unquestionably above world-class. I visited a small town that has two art galleries and a school full of students, and seven stork nests perched on the roof. And you know what? I truly love this. I had been feeling discouraged by all the evil, the misery, the swindling. But, as Apostle Paul wrote, where sin abounds, blessings abound there also. Here, against all logic except the most important – that of God – there are so many creators, so many talented, capable, and honest people, carrying on by grace. Proving that old saying to be true, that God gave to Bulgarians a little piece of paradise. He loves us.

P.S. Since many have asked – the book I read is “Timeless Principles for Raising Successful Children” by Yavor Roussinoff, and the movie is “Glory” (2016 film, Bulgarian: “Слава”, translit. “Slava”).


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